Effective, targeted LED advertising at Guam’s busiest intersections.

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Effective, targeted LED advertising
at Guam’s busiest intersections.

Digital billboard advertising displays current information in a dynamic, updateable format that captures the attention of passerby’s on a daily basis.

With high brightness and resolution, the conventional billboard has been transformed into the perfect high-tech electronic outdoor display medium. Not only are electronic billboards full color and large format, but they also have many distinct advantages including display animation and high definition images being shown on a special HD LED screen.

Our screens also act as a multiple message provider, where one sign can show a loop of continuous messages. A number of advertisements can therefore be relayed within a short period of time. This ease to upload new advertisement messages gives a greater value to digital billboard advertising.

A 2008 study from Parsons Brinckerhoff, shows that during the hours of 7:15am – 8:15am and then again from 4:15pm – 5:15pm, an estimated 20k drivers passed through the intersection where our screens are located in Tamuning.

Can you imagine all the possibilities that
your advertisement can do for your business?


Why digital advertising?

There is no limit to the amount of potential customers one can reach with digital media.

Cost Effective:

Digital marketing helps plan a successful marketing campaign at budgeted costs. If you make a research and compare the cost you need to bear for digital marketing with the other mode of advertising, you will find that this is the most cost efficient.

Better Exposure:

You can reach a maximum number of potential clients by selecting digital marketing campaign with a small amount of an investment. There is potential of an estimated 20k drivers to see your message at any time throughout the day.

Save Time:

Digital advertising can be changed out quickly at the touch of a button. Therefore, this type of service is convenient and can keep up with the very changing times in the advertising industry.

Flexible start dates:

Traditional outdoor advertising normally work in two week blocks and there are good reasons for this. However, with digital, you can start and end on the day you want. If your event is on a Wednesday, you can stop your advertising on a Wednesday, or the Tuesday before, or the Monday before.


If you are looking to create a niche for you in the industry branding is a must. Brand building is something which can be done easily with the support of digital advertising. It helps in developing your brand by making promotions and announcements at certain time of the day to reach your target market. The moment your brand goes viral you will make a solid position in the industry. This way you will help search engine to move you into the top slots of their pages with better ranking.

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Benefits of advertising with Us:

The screens are located on South Marine Corps Dr, Route 1. Our screen is situated on one of Guam’s most busiest intersections. Advertisers on Vantage Advertising screens are sure to capture the consumers attention and desire to learn more about your product. Surrounding areas that draw high traffic are Kmart, JFK High School and the Guam International Airport Authority. Your ad is guaranteed to be seen!

Measurements of the screen is approximately 10ft x 20ft and uses 16mm in pixel pitch giving ads the appearance of a vibrant, almost 3D, look. Download Production Specifications for more information.

Vantage Advertising representatives are readily available for assistance with changing out advertisements at the flip of a switch. Our screens are remotely accessible and monitored throughout the day 24/7.

You can be sure that with Vantage Advertising, your ads are running on our screen at all times. We have installed back up generators and have the capability of visual record keeping as well.

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Digital marketing is much more than impressions. It’s about targeting the right customer at the right time!

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